Yoga Nidra, known as a 'Yogic sleep' is a meditative practice similar to mindfulness. It brings about a transformative state of deep relaxation, stillness and mental calm which rejuvenates and revitalises. 

Though its roots lie in thousands of years of philosophies and practices, it is one of the fastest growing practices in the world today. Yoga Nidra is suitable for everyone and can be done anywhere you can lie down. 

Ahimsa Yoga has set up a Podcast to introduce you to Yoga Nidra and enable you to get the benefits of the practice easily.  

Yoga Nidra encompasses the teachings of mindfulness and then goes beyond, into completely absorbing oneself in the experience of yoga. Ahimsa Yoga Nidra enables you to explore deep movements of meditation, which can ultimately lead to profound insight and healing.


In this first Podcast, Ahimsa Yoga will provide an easy to understand introduction to the Practice of Yoga Nidra. Beginning with setting up your space for practice, readying your body and mind for entering your Yogic sleep and understanding the principles behind Yoga Nidra.  

Link to Podcast below- Please listen to this introduction and the forward before listening to Level 1


LEVEL 1 - pODCAST                                                                            

Please listen to an Introduction Podacst before listening to this one, this helps ensure that you are ready to commence practice. Level 1 Ahimsa Yoga Nidra will take you through the first steps in the practice. 

Once you are ready in your space, we then transition into a relaxed lying position (Savasana) for the Yoga Nidra. This first session which approximately 15 mins to ease you into the technique. Yoga Nidra uses a body scan and visualisation techniques to allow the body to deeply relax while the mind stays inwardly alert.

Link to Podcast below: Please listen to Introduction and forward before listening to level 1- Downloading is recommended.