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quick and easy recipes 

We can all relate to a busy lifestyle; taking the kids to school, getting the train to work, visiting the parents, walking the dogs, not to mention a mountain of laundry building up! Because of this it can be difficult to find time to cook healthy and nutritious meals. Ahimsa Yoga and Wellness has put together a range of quick and healthy recipes that are not only good for you but taste pretty great too! Pop on over to the blog page to check out the first recipe for these scrummy 'power balls'. 


Yoga nidra  

Clare is very excited to announce that she has also been designing and recording a series of Podcasts on Yoga Nidra. Especially for you to easily gain access to this wonderful practice that is not usually a part of conventional mindfulness methods. For information, Podcast introduction, forward and level 1 please click the link below.




Going beyond the mat….. The eight limbs of Yoga