Karen Heresy, Attending classes since June 2017

"I was new to Yoga last year, and probably always had it down as 'not my thing', but I absolutely love going to Ahimsa classes. I know that when I am tired after work, this helps me to relax. I like the challenges of the exercises and that Clare helps people of varying levels. Ahimsa Yoga has now become a part of my life."




emmy wood, Attending classes since June 2017

" I was a complete beginner when I first started classes with Ahimsa yoga, As soon as I walked in Clare made me feel completely at ease and calmed my first time yoga nerves, not only are her classes relaxing they have also helped my many ailments from my job and making me move more freely. Clare has a great and informative way of teaching yoga and wellness and I definitely could not be without my Ahimsa yoga classes."