Meditation can be a scary thought for some. The idea that you can just switch off all your thoughts, let go and empty your mind. Well what if I were to tell you that mediation is less about emptying your mind of positive or negative thoughts? Rather, it is about cleansing your mind to help you gain insight to those very thoughts and to address them with more clarity?

The first steps of deciding to meditate are simply to focus on the present, how you feel in this moment. Just recognise those everyday ideas that come into your mind and allow yourself to put them aside to look into later, when you are feeling more relaxed and at peace with yourself. Then you can better judge what needs your attention and learn to make choices with more clarity and awareness.

Click here for an introductory to Yoga Nidra. This free audio will take you through the first steps of this wonderfully deep relaxation process.

Choose to find time for yourself today.