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Classes - Outdoor Yoga - Meditation


Weekly hatha yoga classes
June-December 2019 timetable

Find your feel good

This class is suitable for all levels and helps boost mind, body and spirit.

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Free yoga in the park
starts back summer 2019

Try yoga for free!

Join Ahima's 100% free community based classes in Victoria Park, Haywards Heath. 

Suitable for all levels - just turn up! 

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meditation podcasts
released july 2018 

Calm in your pocket

Download free guided meditations today and get the benefit of stillness - wherever you are.

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Your Health

Wellness is more than looking after your physical and mental health, it can also be helped by your surroundings. Ahimsa Yoga and Wellness offers guidance and tips on how best to introduce healthy changes to your environment. From the use of essential oils to plant based recipes and Yoga on the move.

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News & Events

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